[CT Birds] Sandhill Cranes in Norfolk: A WARNING.

Mark Szantyr birdinggeek at gmail.com
Tue Aug 16 14:15:34 EDT 2016

Chris Wood and I made our way up to try and see Sandhill Cranes that have been sort if cryptically reported from various locations around the Doolittle Property in Norfolk. We arrived at the N. Colbrook Road location around 8:00am and both cranes were on the lawn at #90. The birds almost immediately flew off out of sight. We then checked the State Line Road location and relocated the cranes working a grassy field with cattle. 

After a short observation, we left to see what else we could find in the area. On our way back east, we went by the N. Colbrook Roadhttp://birddog55.zenfolio.com/p370546781 location and again, both cranes were on the lawn at #90. We parked well beyond the houses and set up on the shoulder if the road opposite where the birds were feeding and out of their sight line. We hoped the birds would cross the road to graze at #85, where they have been widely reported and photographed. 

While we waited, we noticed the birds walking agitatedly toward the back of #90 and we were confronted by the apparent homeowner of #90. He asked what we were doing. We explained rhat we were a part of the birding community, hopkng to see the cranes. He then started in to a vitriolic stream of reasons wht the "Audubon" was no good, how the "Audubon" harmed more birds than it helped. How too many people have been coming by and a constant stream of people were just a bother. He informed us he was a conservstion biologist and knew what was good and what wasn't. He implied we were all the scum of the earth and then he walked off. 

Chris stepped up to hit him....no just kidding,  we both packed up our gear ( which the guy also said was a problem), got in the car and left. 100 feet down the road we passed Sarah Zagorski headed up to look for the cranes. We stopped and tried to warn her....this guy was freakin crazy....but could not reach her in time.   If Sarah goes missing, we know where she is. 

Mark Szantyr

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