[CT Birds] Crows give up owl

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I really ought to have paid more attention when gardening this afternoon. There were six crows in the tree in front of the house making very odd sounds -- the kind of rasping you often hear from ravens. I also heard a loud clicking that I vaguely recognized but could not place... then the crows flew into the woods behind my house and continued their calling. The racket finally got my attention and I was just wondering if they had a raptor they were mobbing -- all the while hearing the clicking periodically -- when one crow called Caw Caw, Caw-CAWWWWW. Nuts. Who cooks for you, in crow language. And then I remembered the clicking -- it was beak clacking from an owl. By this time the birds were too high in thick foliage for me see the object of their attention, but I'm sure they had an owl up there. 

Sarah Faulkner 

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