[CT Birds] Follow up on the Norfolk Cranes

Mark Szantyr birdinggeek at gmail.com
Fri Aug 19 12:14:26 EDT 2016

I had an opportunity to hear from the landowner where the cranes were seen and who was the subject of my last posting. I was wrong in my assesment of what i took as a semi hostile confrontation. 

This gentleman loves birds. He loves the cranes and is invested in keeping them well and promoting the possibility of their nesting. 

He does have all the credentials necessary to have an informed opinion and has quite a history in bird conservation

He was tired of incessant trafic by birders twitching the cranes at what he believes is the detriment of the birds. He really cares about them. 

I want to apologize for starting what turned out as a downward trajectory of inuendo. This guy is the real deal and maybe, just maybe, he is right about us at our worst. 

I want to apologize to him publicly for jumping to conclusions. 

Mark Szantyr

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