[CT Birds] a comment on the Canaan Crane sighting...

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Sat Aug 20 14:15:41 EDT 2016

Their are times when it is more prudent NOT to report a bird sighting location, let me explain...Many years ago, I spotted a Sandhill Crane in the Canaan area at a farmers field. While looking at the bird, I was approached by the farmer who owned the property. He was a nice guy, and told me they come to his fields almost every year. After talking with him about the bird watchers here in CT who would love to see them, he said. " Oh please don't report them, for we feel if they were reported, so many people would show up here for a view of them, that the birds might not like the attention and never come back." I understood that, because out here in the vast open lands of NW CT, most everyone is here because they love the area for its isolation and privacy, and that's why they live here. This Farmer, who had family generations before him working his farm, wants it to stay that way. I told him I would not report the sighting, and honored his wish. I think the birding community needs to know this, and honor the wishes of the resedents who live in the area a rare bird is seen. 
Paul Carrier - Harwinton   

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