[CT Birds] Barn Island WMA (Stonington) terns, laughing gulls, egrets following a crab development

Brian Williams brianw15th2v at att.net
Sat Aug 20 22:41:34 EDT 2016

This afternoon at Barn Island (Stonington) it was slow for migrants, finding eastern kingbirds (5) in the meadow and some when I returned to the impoundments.  18:00 from the boat launch about ten laughing gulls were on the rocks, in different stages of plumage from 1-3 years.  Six Forster's terns with pale napes were crashing the waters under increasing cloud cover.  More than thirty-five great egrets were seen and across to the island were more laughing gulls with cormorants and the egrets spread along the water's edge.  Only one adult laughing gull flew by and the base edge of the secondaries was missing.   One solitary sandpiper was seen moving inland from the shore.  Four juvenile willets were moving together along the mudflat parallel to the trail and two were heard from further inland.   At least six adult osprey were active and one flew over the meadow, followed not long after by eighteen fish crows.   The impoundments were nearly empty but for six greats and two snowy egrets.  Everybody was spread out along the water's edge.    
The marsh wrens were very active flying about and vocalizing today, jumping from one side of the trail to the other when I came across nearly thirty small blue crabs (?) together moving from the water into the reeds with their right hand claws (and a few had grown the left instead) as large as the rest of their girth.  The opposite hand claws were proportionately developed and it was just the darndest sight watching them move together like nobody's business.   
Brian Williams      Griswold

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