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If a rare bird is on private property and it is certain that no access will be allowed to the general birding public, after many sincere attempts, what is the use of reporting it publicly?

Write up your report, put it in  Ebird with the location disguised if you must, send your report to the ARCC, a note to the Field Notes editor of the Warbler, and that is it. Public accolades and super-birder glory will have to wait till you see something  that others can also see. 

It still gets in the scientific record and that is all that matters

What is more frustrating than someone reporting, say a mexican violetear at a feeder in Chaplin and then saying that no birders can go see it and shouldn't harass the neighbors by searching the neighborhood for it....   ( you did not hear about this bird from me). 

Just see it if you are lucky enough, document DOCUMENT DOCUMENT it, write the report, send it to the ARCC and the field notes editor, and go on your merry way. 

And again, if you do see something that there is access to, rapid, timely, and accurate reporting to all media possible, including TELEPHONE, preferably while the bird is still present, would certainly be appreciated. 

Broken record signing off. 

Mark Szantyr

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> Paul, I fully accept, recommend and agree with your comment about a rare bird sighting and property owners privacy. I think this brings about a privacy policy among the birding community and wildlife lovers all across the state of CT and elsewhere. It also touches upon the believe ability of the sighting reported. A hard call and description are encouraged and throughout there are those who may not believe in the report. Privacy is essential.
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