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Rarely does something come along that is a real game changer for conservation, but this bill is just that.  It would radically improve the funding situation for the conservation and management of birds and other non-game wildlife, particularly in Connecticut.   If you want to live in a state where there is funding for bird conservation (and birding!) and improvement of bird and wildlife habitat on state and other lands, then please take time to weigh in and let your elected representatives know how important this is.  Thank you!


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While much progress has been made to rescue birds from the brink, dozens of species remain imperiled across the country. For many, time is running out. Fortunately, a new bill could provide a lifeline for these at-risk species.


Ask your U.S. Representative to support the Recovering America's Wildlife Act to help proactively conserve thousands of species of birds and other wildlife: www.audubonaction.org/site/Advocacy?id=2281<http://www.audubonaction.org/site/Advocacy?id=2281>

Last year, Audubon joined other conservation groups, business leaders, and former elected officials on a Blue Ribbon panel to determine solutions for our urgent conservation needs. The panel recommended $1.3 billion in funding, which would come from existing fees on mineral and energy development, to allow states to fully carry out their action plans to protect birds and wildlife.

We need all of the resources that can be marshaled to protect birds from further habitat loss, climate change, and other threats, and a major investment in conservation funding would set the stage for a brighter future for birds, and for all of us.


Please take a moment to urge your U.S. Representative to cosponsor the Recovering America's Wildlife Act: www.audubonaction.org/site/Advocacy?id=2281<http://www.audubonaction.org/site/Advocacy?id=2281>


David Yarnold

President and CEO

National Audubon Society



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