[CT Birds] Out of place rail carcass, Monroe

James Winkelmann james.winkelmann at gmail.com
Wed Aug 24 12:47:42 EDT 2016

While walking the dogs this morning at Webb Mtn in Monroe, discovered what
appears to be a juvenile Clapper Rail carcass on the side of the gravel
road leading to the campsites.  For those not familiar, Webb Mountain is a
park consisting almost entirely of mature interior forest adjacent to the
Housatonic River, about 15 miles inland and at some elevation -- tall
hemlocks and hardwoods, steep rock faces and outcroppings, dark shady
understory, etc. -- so obviously this bird is/was well out of place.

Here's a link to a picture of the unfortunate subject if you're interested:


(as always with links from dropbox, you can simply "X" out of the login
prompt to get to the linked page....).

Interesting to ponder what happened here - likely migrant along the river
that didn't make it?  Who knows...

James Winkelmann

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