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Beverly Propen bpropen at gmail.com
Wed Aug 24 13:49:08 EDT 2016

8/24   Milford, Connecticut Audubon  Coastal Center, 9:45 am-1PM, very low
tide, rising, 80F.
9:45am a Peregrine flew across the marsh.
At 10am,. 2 ospreys in area,-Juvenile was on the perch, and 1 adult flying
At 11:40 the juvenile osprey was eating a fish on the nest.  At noon, the
Juvenile flew to a mudflat where the adult was eating a fish, circled, then
flew back to the perch with his fish and continued eating. Appears it has
fished on its own, although i did not view that.
On marsh:  6 Great Egrets, 4 Snowy egrets, 5 Yellow crowned night herons (3
Adults, 2 juvenile) 29 American Black ducks, 27  D.C. Cormorants, 11 Mute
swans,  at least 8 Chimney swifts circling over marsh with Barn & Tree
On grounds:  2 Fish Crows calling, 6 juvenile European Starlings, 1 Gray
catbird, 1 Mockingbird,  1 Warbling vireo heard by Frank,  3 juvenile Red
winged blackbirds, 2 Cardinals ( male 7 juvenile), 1 Ruby throated
hummingbird, 4 Cowbirds, numerous Common Grackles, 2 Housefinches, 1
Goldfinch, 1 Great crested Flycatcher (netted by Frank).
Bev Propen, Orange

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