[CT Birds] LHP 8-29-16

greg hanisek ctgregh at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 29 21:48:29 EDT 2016

At Lighthouse Point hawk watch in New Haven this a.m., WNW wind picked up and switched to straight NW c 10 a.m., bringing 9 migrating raptors (2 N Harriers, 2 Broad-winged Hawks, 1 unid. Buteo, 1 Cooper's Hawk, 2 Am Kestrels and 1 Merlin) during next 3 hours. Diurnal passage migrants included 135 Bobolinks, 85 Tree Swallows, 25 Eastern Kingbirds, 25 Chimney Swifts and a few hummingbirds, waxwings, gnatcatchers, Yellow Warblers and Red-winged Blackbirds. Had plenty of time to chat with Paul Desjardins and Tony Tortora (emeritus).
Greg HanisekWatebury

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