[CT Birds] Gull with string on legs

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Mon Aug 29 22:33:25 EDT 2016

There is a first year Herring Gull at Silver Sands State Park in Milford with a thin black line wrapped around and around each ankle, with about 6-8 inches of line between the legs. The line is cutting into the flesh. It stands on its right foot and holds its left up a lot of the time.   It is on the main beach with a group of gulls August 6th and is still there, August 29th. The gulls are quite tame and get quite close if people are feeding them.  A woman told a park ranger but he said they could do nothing.
Is there someone who could help catch it?  I live 5 minutes away and would be available to assist.  I hate to see it suffer. If we catch it, Dara Reid of Wildlife in Crisis in Weston would be happy to accept it for rehabilitation.  She states, "If a few people were to surround the bird, he should be fairly easy to capture. A small net or large towel can be thrown over the bird to capture him. A towel can be place over his head and the tip of the beak firmly grasped with gloves will prevent him from biting while line is removed." However, I tried that once with a sick turkey hen and she merely flew away, never to be seen again.

Winie Wirth, Milford

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