[CT Birds] Help Identifying beautiful hawk

Katherine Kuckens katkuckens at gmail.com
Tue Aug 30 21:01:42 EDT 2016

I've heard a pair of raptors all summer, loud piercing cries, and an
occasional view of a very large hawk with a medium brown back and wings
swooping up to the top of the  large leafy trees in my West Hartford back
yard.  Finally was able to see where one landed this afternoon, and
photographed it eating a squirrel halfway up a large pine tree.  It was so
beautiful.  Bright white underneath with a tawny area between belly and
tail.  Also on the belly, a puffy area of even whiter feathers with
speckles. Faintly barred tail, could not see if it was a redtail.  It did
not have the coppery red speckles on the front like a Cooper's Hawk. Here
is a link to the photos.  Thanks for any ideas about how to identify.


Katherine Kuckens

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