[CT Birds] Requiem for my Hummer Feeder

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Hi, Zellene!
Sounds like someone did a e-blast to the local wildlife about your
wonderful restaurant!
I'm sure the desperation comes from the drought. We have birdbaths in
our yard that have attracted more unusual visitors this year than in the
past (saw a downy woodpecker drinking from one last night, something
I've never witnessed; I've also had to wait for thirsty wasps to stop
drinking before I could clean the baths out and refill them).
Have you considered hummingbird-friendly plants instead? There are some
guaranteed winners you could try (black-and-blue salvia; four-o-clocks)
that also work well in containers, if you have limited space.
Well, the season's almost over - good luck!
:-)  Tammy Eustis, Chester

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Subject: [CT Birds] Requiem for my Hummer Feeder
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Over the summer I have posted about how my hummer feeders were taken
over first by 3 species of woodpeckers, then a squirrel who figured out
how to get the sugar water, and lately yellowjackets and ants. The
hummers still did manage to get some nectar. At one point I had 3
feeders going, then down to one. Well, it's over. A very young bear came
along and bit the feeder, destroying it completely. He did get some
nectar, even with the yellowjackets swirling around his head. But, I
will not be defeated. As long as the hummers are here, I will find a
way. Maybe an electrified fence?


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