[CT Birds] Red-shoulder collecting hemlock branches today

Michael Soares me_soares at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 2 11:37:08 EDT 2016

A resident RS was just perched for a while out back. It called once, then hopped over to an adjacent hemlock, removed a branch and flew of with it.  

I've seen them perch there (and call...and hunt/eat) many times, but usually in the spring.  And I've only noticed the hemlock-gathering in spring and assumed it was for a nest...I didn't 't expect kind of behavior in Sept, so I'm puzzled.  Am I missing something about fall behavior, nest building/maintenance, or the reason(s) for the hemlock?
As an aside, I feel like I have seen more birds of prey this summer - both in number and diversity - and heard the same around CT and the Northeast....A farmer in Shelton said he's ever seen so many and attributes it to the "bounty" of mice. 

Michael Soares 

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