[CT Birds] Bluebird questions

Rob Ballinger rayn4est at gmail.com
Sat Sep 3 18:28:42 EDT 2016

Hello all,

I've been birding forever, but this year is my first experience with yard
bluebirds.  I moved to a yard in late April that had a resident pair.  They
raised 2 broods but disappeared shortly after the second brood fledged and
I haven't seen them since around early July.  I know birds often have a
post breeding dispersal and I am hoping that's all this is and they will
return either for winter or at least breeding in the spring.  Info would be

Also, I've had to replace the existing feeder from a post mounted platform
feeder and switched to a 4-position pole with tube feeders and a hanging
platform feeder.  I'm hoping this won't deter the bluebirds should they
return.  Any suggestions on preferred feeders would also be appreciated as
I'd be happy add or swap out a feeder if it increases bluebird happiness.

Thanks in advance for information and suggestions.

Rob Ballinger

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