[CT Birds] Storm birding

Julian Hough jrhough1 at snet.net
Sat Sep 3 23:53:52 EDT 2016

For those interested in the current weather, it is hard to predict what Hermine may do. A blocking high pressure area to the east is going to trap the storm and potentially have it stall offshore bringing high winds and likely coastal flooding.
The next day will be more telling but now, it would seem that late Sunday and Monday into Tuesday is when we might see any storm-related birds.

With the centre of the storm being offshore, the prevailing NE winds aren't optimal - many birds will not be pinned against the CT shore like they were with Irene and Sandy.

Reports from NJ in the next day or so will be a litmus test but there will be something about...not sure what.
With winds set to blow from the east on Monday, birds will be forced into the sound. Points east- New London, Harkness etc, will likely be best. Check roosting gulls and tern flocks specifically.

Sooty Terns are often heralds appearing ahead of tropical storms an should be looked for. It is good time for jaegers, and a peak time for Long-taileds. We may get none of these and based on track, I have low expectations of many tropical species being seen, although Sooty Terns are the most likely.

The main plea is if you see something get the news out quickly by phone or CTBirds. An ebird report at the end of the day I useless to people in the field. 

Storm-driven birds move-on quickly so communication is key. The more people birding, the better our odds.

 Be safe.


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