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Hello Rob,

Here are our observations in our N. Madison yard from 20 years of enjoying resident Bluebirds. Yes, after nesting the birds disperse into the woods where parents continue to fend for them. We very occasionally hear them in the yard during late summer into the fall. They come back more often to feed in Dec/January and so on, when sunlight starts to return our way. Get to know their call, if you don't know it already, because that will help you know when they're around.

As for feeders, it sounds like you have a good feeding station assembled. Bluebirds prefer Sunflower Hearts, and readily feed on our tubes and platforms. We have larger tubes, though, not small ones. If you have small tubes, I'd consider adding a tray to the bottom, so they can feed from it easily. They will feed from a platform.

We have a mix in our feeders of 70% Hearts and 30% Black Oil, and that cuts on the cost of straight Hearts, and attracts the most birds. Bluebirds will also eat a peanut-based suet, but can't cling to a feeder. They may flutter around it and make it fall to the ground, then go for it.

In winter we also mix up what is called a Bluebird Dough that we put in a small, clear plastic dome-topped feeder that we put out specifically for them. They love the dough, and come to it frequently. It's a high protein pre-breeding season blend that keeps them healthy. There are plenty of recipes out there, but the key ingredient is non-medicated and organic chick starter, which is the protein part. The rest of the dough is lard, peanut butter, rolled oats, and corn meal. We make huge batches of this "Bluebird crack", as our customers have dubbed it. 

The dome feeder is perfect because you can lower the dome down so it limits the size of the bird, and black birds do not get in. We have our feeder hanging on a suction cup hanger that holds up to 4 lbs in weight, on our kitchen window. Perfect viewing, and a nice bit of color in winter. 

Any questions, email us or call directly. 

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