[CT Birds] Chester, 9/4 - Red-Tailed Hawk takes grackle at feeder

teustis at killingworthlibrary.org teustis at killingworthlibrary.org
Mon Sep 5 07:36:11 EDT 2016

Chester, 9/4 - Was surprised by a RED-TAILED HAWK swooping in to catch a
grackle at our feeders. The hawk then took the catch to a branch on our
poplar tree, where it plucked the feathers - a juvenile red-tailed
joined it, sitting a few branches away and watching quietly. After about
5 minutes, the adult flew off with the catch, the juvie following along
We've had red-tails make feeder catches before, but only rarely. We're
more used to the accipiter traffic (sharpies and Coopers). Since there's
certainly an abundance of food supply for buteos right now (have a
chipmunk, or two!), I can only guess that the adult saw an easy
opportunity and took it. (The adult had been circling over our house and
calling about 30 minutes beforehand, but the birds didn't spook - like
me, they assumed it wasn't a threat.) It didn't deter the grackles long
enough for my liking.
~  Tammy Eustis, Chester

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