[CT Birds] In Glsago, the busy spot is busy heading north (Pachuag River/Griswold)

Brian Williams brianw15th2v at att.net
Mon Sep 5 21:06:03 EDT 2016

Today was very quiet on Heron marsh (Griswold).  One catbird, swamp and song sparrows, titmice and some woodpeckers, pewees, one red-tailed hawk.  So I whiled away searching butterflies which brought me to evidence of the lowest form of life on earth, the frog hunters and their vengeful destruction of creeks and vernal pools.  One ruby-throated almost led me to the spot earlier but I would not pursue him. 
Glasgo Pond was fairly busy after five, one great blue heron, one imm. black-crowned flew upriver, one belted kingfisher, one spotted sandpiper (moving upriver as well), one harrier.  Fifty plus swallows, mostly tree, began acrobatics in the prevailing winds, soaring high and swooping low for almost thirty minutes.  They all flew upriver north towards Sawmill and Beachdale ponds on the Pachaug River watershed.  Also I turned up about an equal number of sparrows, many imms. and I focused in on one swamp, then one chipping, and some song, so very efficient to say the least.
Brian Williams      Griswold  

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