[CT Birds] Quite Extralimital eastern migration...

Felix Sangari sangari at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 7 12:13:10 EDT 2016

Without really having birded at all (my binoculars are still in some suitcase..)..
One Black RedstartDozens of Yellow-legged GullsHundreds of Cattle Egrets (overfly)Half a dozen European Robins
Before anyone gets too excited, I'm back to Santander, in the north coast of Spain, after having an amazing year in New Haven, CT. I went there with the fall migration, and I came back with it. And I just want to say a big Thank you to all of you, you're way too many to mention all the names, but I really appreciated your efforts in helping me getting all those birds, your skills, your kindness and everything. I'm now very sad for multiple reasons, but I know that I will remember my experience there with great joy. Even if all the sandpipers decided to show up after I left!! On a personal note, I would appreciate if you replace Baird's, Buff-breasted, Upland or Western SP with terms like "the usual stuff", "nothing remarkable", "I didn't see anything", or "A wasted morning at the shore". It will make my life easier at this side of the Atlantic...
Of course, Bill, you are exempted... Congratulations for that BBSA!
Good birding,
PD: Of course, any visitor to this area is welcome to drop me a line! There are some interesting birds around...

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