[CT Birds] Getting in the Zone - Again?

julian hough jrhough1 at snet.net
Thu Sep 8 12:21:05 EDT 2016

Lighthouse Pt hawkwatchers and other birders – take note!
Assuming last year’s Zone-tailed Hawk is alive and well and living life in the north east, we should be prepared to be on the lookout for another appearance.
The bird showed up in CT on 20th September and then on 23rd at Cape May – it took three days to get to Cape May in 2015.
(assuming this pattern, it first showed up in 2014 it showed up in Cape May on 27th, which hypothetically would have put it at Lighthouse on 24th)
So it was a bit earlier this year and likely centers around the weather and cold-fronts that set up in the NE; the CT occurrence occurring on the day of a classic front that was going to be a good hawk day.
So, assuming the bird is alive and well and to the north and east of us (if it is to the west, then we are out of luck) there might be a third bite at the cherry:
So padding the timing, backing out four days from the earliest date and four days beyond the latest date, it could occur in CT in the window of 16th-28th and in Cape May from 19th-1st October.
Given the timing of the CT occurrence, the bird was likely in the state prior to 20th and there was an unsubstantiated report from the Branford are a few days prior.
My feeling is that any weather front that produces NW wind from 16th-28th would be the days to concentrate on looking for this bird at Lighthouse.
So, if you see something…say something! Especially if it looks like a Zone-tailed Hawk!
 Julian Hough New Haven, CT 06519  www.naturescapeimages.wordpress.com

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