[CT Birds] Cape May warbler, Backyard in Bloomfield

Brian K briankulvete at gmail.com
Thu Sep 8 14:27:04 EDT 2016

I just had a beautiful adult male Cape May warbler checking out my new
waterfall feature, in my backyard.  A lifer and obvious new yard bird
(#108...not bad for only 2 years living here.)

I managed to get the screen open without spooking it and got some amazingly
close and beautiful photos before it disappeared. It may still be around,
but the crazy squirrels and chipmunks have everything moving around a lot.

As I was typing this, another male scarlet tanager just made an appearance.
I also have a pair of flickers showing up daily to take drinks.

I feel like this small waterfall feature was the best idea I've had, so
far, to watch birds right out my window.

Brian Kulvete
Bloomfield, CT

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