[CT Birds] Fitchville - green herons flycatching

Niall Doherty doherty.ns at gmail.com
Mon Sep 12 19:24:11 EDT 2016

Following up on the reports of red-breasted nuthatches flycatching, another
unexpected flycatcher was a juvenile green heron on one of the almost dry
Fitchville ponds. It was standing still on a dry spot while the other green
herons, great blues and great egrets were catching frogs in the remaining
shallow water. It was looking upwards and its head moved as if it was
following the movement of something in the air. In a very fast movement it
stretched its neck out, snapped its beak and caught one of the many large
dragonflies flying over the pond/mud. I only saw one successful catch but
it remained in place, watching, until I left and continued to ignore the
many frogs that could be seen fleeing from the other herons. This is the
first time I have seen such behavior, is it unusual for a green heron?

Also present on the mud were killdeer, semipalmated sandpipers and a
pectoral sandpiper.


Niall Doherty
doherty.ns at gmail.com

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