[CT Birds] Quaker Ridge 9/14: 354 Raptors, Go Hawkwatching Tomorrow!

Ryan Maclean ryanmac335 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 14 20:43:17 EDT 2016

Seemed like it was gonna be a pretty slow day today at Audubon Greenwich up
until around 3:30 when stormclouds started rolling in. At that point some
Broad-Winged Hawks started to appear as specks to our north ahead of the
line of clouds. By the time the clouds reached us hawks were coming over
much lower as they frantically moved ahead of the incoming storm. Between
3-5 PM alone we counted over 300 Broad-Wings and we definitely expect more
in the morning. Full totals below on hawkcount.org:

No matter where you are in CT tomorrow itd be a good idea to look up as
much as you can or better yet get out to a hawkwatch near you! The forecast
for now is showing winds staying out of the North for atleast the first
part of the day and much cooler temperatures. The stage is set so now all
we need are kettles of Broad-Wings! Good luck out there.
-Ryan MacLean

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