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Are there any birds of prey experts out there who might be able to address  a few questions I have? First off the other day I stopped off at a open space park in Brookfield actually chasing thunder head clouds where the meadows were being plowed and baled for hay. I noticed several red tail hawks along with vultures circling the fields and actually following the tractors. My thinking they are looking for easy food. Mice, voles who knows what else was churned up with the thrasher. Both hawks landed in a tree one close enough that my 300mm did the job. The bird aloud me to approach very close and though it knew I was there it sat poised and head bobbing  looking at something. It's eyes were locked onto something. It repositioned then flew maybe 100 yards were it secured what it saw. Once again it aloud me to approach. It seem more consumed with eating than me photographing. I couldn't tell if what it ate was alive or dead but it took several attempts to devour it. Two large pieces

So my question do hawks and other raptors perceive there food the same as humans do. That may sound silly but I'm serious. Fully realizing their eye sight is superior to mine do they see the mouse or vole and something clicks in their brain and off the go. Also will they consume something that is dead. I know vultures and crows take carion. 

It was fascinating watching both hawks take food right behind the tractors. It seemed like they had a six sense that food would be popping up and it would take little effort on their part to find it.

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