[CT Birds] White-winged Dove New Haven

greg hanisek ctgregh at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 18 20:42:27 EDT 2016

The White-winged Dove was found mid-morning while I was leading a field trip for Newington Adult Ed at Fort Hale Park in New Haven. I haven't seen or heard of any sightings later in the day, but there may have been some. A couple people from the migration festival at Lighthouse came over and saw it while we were still there. Fort Hale is a generally overlooked spot between East Shore Park and Lighthouse Point. The entrance to the fort area proper, where we saw the bird, is almost always gated, but there's a public parking lot just beyond the gated entrance that provides access to the (now wrecked) fishing pier. Park there and walk back north about 50 yards to the gated entrance to the historic site. Access by foot is allowed.
The park is a primarily open area with a small tidal creek flowing through, crossed by a Civil War era draw bridge. Their are several military bunkers and a gun emplacement  looking out over the harbor. Educational signs offer historic information.
The bird flew in low from the north, following the creek, then landed in a row of trees separating the park from the beach. It was pretty active but moved around mostly in that tree line for the 15-20 minutes we spent watching. It associated with Mourning Doves at times.
Greg HanisekWaterbury

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