[CT Birds] Unknown bird (New York)

Scott Henckel scott.henckel at snet.net
Sun Sep 18 21:03:19 EDT 2016

To all:


Some of you know me but most of you probably don't but I used to be an avid
birder in CT. years ago but haven't been active in some time. I want to pass
on what  I saw today while driving home from Pennsylvania.


Around 6:00pm today  I was driving along I-84 East in NY and spotted a very
large bird standing on the edge of a large farm/field about 30-40 yards in
from the shoulder of the highway about 2-3 miles before Exit 5. It had to be
at least 4 feet tall. Tallest bird I've ever seen in the wild. The only
thing I could think of was a crane. It lacked the crimson patch on the head
and was generally drab brown/white but my immediate thought was an immature
Sandhill Crane. I don't have a lot of experience with this bird but it was
so tall it stuck out like a sore thumb. I was going to turn around and try
to get a pic of it but thought it would be unsafe as pulling over on the
highway probably wouldn't be in my best interest.


I just wanted to let people know who live and bird in that area to keep an
eye out in the fields nearby. I figured it was worthy of me letting you all


Happy birding


Scott Henckel

Shelton, CT


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