[CT Birds] Say's Phoebe

Tina and Peter Green petermgreen at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 22 07:00:28 EDT 2016

Upon reviewing my field guides after eleven hours of driving back and forth from Maine yesterday,I am sure I saw the Say's Phoebe briefly but well enough to positively ID the bird yesterday afternoon.I saw the bird on the other side of the north facing fence at the very bottom of the hill next to the corn fields which are now cut and harvested. Because I was standing back about 50 feet from the fence,I saw the Phoebe fly right and "flycatching" before diving done out of sight.I was able to eliminate Eastern Bluebird due to the fact that the bird I saw had a long black tail,an orange-peach colored belly and a light gray throat and head. I only saw the bird in flight with its' wings extended upwards and with good light on it. I hope someone relocates it today. That corner of Trout Brook abuts a golf course and there is extensive habitat. There was a lot of farm machinery being used when we arrived at first and then they stopped,probably for lunch. The CT Warbler was out in the open and we had many Palm Warblers as well as Eastern Phoebes and Bluebirds,Field Sparrows,American Kestrel,etc.
Time for me to get out birding in Southport Maine now. I hear lots of activity outside my window.

Tina Green
Westport CT
Southport ME for now!
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