[CT Birds] Frigatebird search?

Nick Bonomo nbonomo at gmail.com
Thu Sep 29 19:51:18 EDT 2016

CTBirders (& Massbirders),

Julian Hough just received the following additional correspondence
from Lynn, the reporter of today's CT River frigatebird. It reads: "To
answer your question - it was flying upriver (past the three lower
Portland marinas) - up towards the MDTN police docks/ sewer plant area
- where it circled lazily for quite a while over that side of the
river. I had to go inside to get a coat and when I came out, it was
gone. But what a sight!! MEGA bird is right :)"

Interesting that it was seen apparently moving upriver. There is no
reference to whether or not the ID of this distinctive species was
made with the naked eye or binoculars, etc.

I have a few hours to look in the morning, and I suggest others do as
well. Anywhere along the Connecticut River makes good sense. Either
sitting put and waiting at a river view or actively searching the
region could work. Hopefully there will be several folks spread out
looking. Even well upriver or downriver from the sighting - the bird
could have moved quite a long way in the few hours between the report
and dark.

Keep in mind that the bird may be roosting for some time in the
morning, depending on the weather and/or its health. So check snags
and pilings.

I ask that folks be proactive with providing updates tomorrow via the
listserv and phone/text networks. Even negative reports will do. A
report of "have been scanning for an hour from Location X, and no sign
of it, but plan to stick around" is useful, as it let's us know which
places are being covered. I will do the same.

If you're lucky enough to see this bird, try to get a photo if you
can. While Magnificent Frigatebird is the default species, there are
other possibilities that have turned up in North America before. Then,
get the word out with location and direction of movement (if it is
flying)...it will be chase-able if it is following the river.

Good luck!

Nick Bonomo
Wallingford, CT

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