[CT Birds] 51 Species at Silver Sands this morning.

Frank Gallo fgallo at ctaudubon.org
Sun Oct 2 13:50:52 EDT 2016

Hi all,

We had quite an enjoyable and productive Hidden Gems bird walk at Silver Sands State Park in Milford this morning. We totaled 51 species. There was a fair movement of sparrows and common yellowthroats. Highlights included a feeding flock of more than 25 swamp sparrows (32 total seen) and 14 White-throated Sparrows, with 2 Lincoln's Sparrows, 1 young White-crowned Sparrow, 2 Savannah Sparrows, 2 indigo Buntings and 4 Eastern Towhees.  A group of 10 Bobolinks went over calling, and a Purple Finch landed in with the House Finches. There were at least a dozen common yellowthroats, a Nashville Warbler, and a nice push of 25+ Yellow-rumped Warblers that came into the trees over the feeding sparrows. There were also quite a few Tree Swallows moving through (120+). Our next walk is this coming Saturday at Wilcox Park in Milford. Check our webpage www.ctaudubon.org<http://www.ctaudubon.org> for details.

Our Surf Scopers team (Patrick Dugan, Tina Green, Frank Mantlik) and I, will once again be doing the Big Sit! This coming Sunday, Oct. 9. We will be sitting to raise money to support the Connecticut Audubon Coastal Center at Milford Point. If you're interested in sponsoring the team, visit our webpage www.ctaudubon.org<http://www.ctaudubon.org> or ...Click here to make a donation<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001nu5RQZVinw38hfx2YfCrL02TTp728OiuAHqhdGefpK9BJgiY8eN-ozYfsE0y8NTNFiheimKww7uoymt_1sda2tpxvRNHP-zTZjr0hg-gHfgplZVLkSG6b72Wcbz-1xMJg6AGo16rfn_PxFQWoGP83QTxTnQTg-vgg340aCXByxo=&c=N9ghExjLPyeU69NFd4ybvsKmdwXRs_zQdcG6q4iGd0Vd6B6PpP-W2A==&ch=311Ge_QTFGg6mmV_c3z3Bv95PRwRNqz3GuCQXrLKBXCRGa1daFY4iw==>

Thank you for your continued support!


Frank Gallo
Senior Naturalist,
Coastal Center at Milford Point

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Milford, CT 06460
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