[CT Birds] Konolds Pond, Woodbridge

Christopher Loscalzo closcalz at optonline.net
Sun Oct 2 19:55:25 EDT 2016

Konolds Pond is a 50-acre, privately-owned fresh water pond in eastern
Woodbridge at the western base of the West Rock Ridge.  It is a shallow pond
that is nearly filled with aquatic vegetation (similar to what is observed
at Great Pond in Simsbury).  It is a great place, and possibly the best
place in southern CT, to see dabbling ducks in spring and fall.
Unfortunately, viewing of the pond is limited.  Access sites include the
southeast end from a wooded trail and a few sites on the west side of the
pond (near a pullover on Route 69 and at the end of Warren Road).  


We visited the pond this afternoon and were amazed and delighted to see a
great number of Wood Ducks (as well as a few other species).  We counted the
Wood Ducks one at a time and tallied 235!  There were undoubtedly more than
that, as we could not see the entire pond.  In reading about the life
history of Wood Ducks, one notes that in early American times, this was the
most abundant duck in CT.  Seeing hundreds in one location in the fall was
probably a regular occurrence.  They were hunted in the late 1800s and
numbers plummeted, but they have been on the rise over the past century.  


In addition to the Wood Ducks, we noted one Blue-winged Teal and several
(early) Ring-necked Ducks. A young Northern Harrier was observed hunting
over the north end of the pond.  


If you go to Konolds Pond, please respect private property. 


Best regards and good birding,

Chris Loscalzo and Marianne Vahey,


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