[CT Birds] Cape May Warbler at Mondo Pond, Milford

Frank Gallo peeplo at aol.com
Mon Oct 3 12:51:30 EDT 2016

Hi all,

I took a late morning walk at Mondo pond in Milford this morning . It was overcast and very quiet, until I reached the southeast corner of the main lake, where I ran into a mixed species flock in the Spruce grove . Among the half-dozen yellow-rumped warblers, was a female black-throated blue warbler feeding low in the scrub, and a Cape May Warbler feeding in the spruces at the east edge of the Grove, right at the start of the side trail that runs south along the small ponds. It was a reasonably bright plumaged individual, and it was feeding in the mid-story or higher in the spruce. Along with the warblers, thlere were two Red- breasted nuthatches , a few White-breasted Nuthatches, three red-eyed vireos , at least 1 Golden-crowned Kinglet , and an assortment of woodpeckers . A little farther back up the trail towards the north parking lot off Naugatuck Avenue, there was a Swainson's thrush near the spillway bridge . If you park at the back parking lot at JFK school walk right along the path through the spruce grove to the T with a side trail that goes right (south). The main trail goes left (north) and crosses the spillway bridge I mentioned earlier, and ends at the north parking lot. The birds were feeding on the southside of the trail at the T intersection .

Frank Gallo
Senior Naturalist
Connecticut Audubon Society's
Coastal Center at Milford Point

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