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Preston Lust prestonlust at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 5 07:19:48 EDT 2016

10/4-5/16, 8:00 PM-6:30 AM -- Yard, Westport

Automated flight call monitoring via Old Bird 21 c Microphone and call detection software revealed a very large number of migrants last night. I have not analyzed many recordings spectrographically yet, but so far I have found at least 1 (possibly 3) BICKNELL'S THRUSH, 4 GRAY-CHEEKED THRUSH, and ~20 SWAINSON'S THRUSH. Numbers will likely change as I look through all the recordings. The woods at Longshore and the grove at Sherwood would be good places to look for migratory thrushes making landfall. There was also a good flight of warblers and sparrows. Many yellow-rumpeds and white-throats.

Preston Lust, Westport

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