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Thu Oct 6 22:37:26 EDT 2016

This is from the American Bird Conservancy  (ABC) 
Say no to Camp Perry Turbine 
The Western Basin of Lake Erie has been designated a Globally Important 
Bird  Area and provides crucial habitat for one of the world’s largest 
confluences of  migratory birds—including endangered Piping Plovers and Kirtland’s  
Warblers—as well as bats. 
A large “experimental” wind turbine has been proposed near the Lake Erie  
shoreline for the Ohio Air National Guard’s (ANG) Camp Perry base, where it 
will  be stationed directly in the path of migratory birds. 
Please act now. Urge ANG  leadership—Col. Andrew Stephan and Mr. Randy 
Chambers  (Chief Legal Counsel)—to halt its plans for a wind  turbine. Instead, 
encourage the facility to expand its existing solar array, to  save birds 
and bats and generate far more renewable energy.
I hope that link works. if not, contact me directly if  you're  interested 
and I'll try to get the right one to you.   Camp Perry is only a few miles 
from Magee Marsh.
Don Morgan
Coventry,  Ct

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