[CT Birds] European Golden Plover in Southport

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Fri Oct 7 09:48:12 EDT 2016

For the sake of more eyes and ears and maybe even relocating this bird, I had what I am positive was a European Golden Plover at Southport Beach. The bird flew in off of the sound right over the east side and up over the creek and inland. I heard it call 6 times and that's how I found it. I knew immediately I had a Plover other than Black-bellied or American Golden from the loud single note call. I have checked some fields in the area with no luck so far. So familiarize yourself with the call. 
Jory and Preston, check the fields at school. The Plover headed inland but it could still be somewhere along the coast. Be sure to check grassy or plowed fields.

Tina Green
Still checking!
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