[CT Birds] Lot W sparrows (grassshopper, white-crown), warblers etc.

Chris Elphick elphick at sbcglobal.net
Sat Oct 8 11:57:18 EDT 2016

Phil Rusch and I birded the Lot W fields at UConn this morning.  Highlight was a nice grasshopper sparrow along the dirt road in the SW corner of the big field (where the adult white-crowned was last weekend).  We also had 2 immature white-crowneds - one with the grasshopper and one along the north edge of the pond.  Based on a single not very good photo the ind bird looks pale-lored suggesting it might be another western taiga bird.  

Also of note were a Tennessee warbler, indigo bunting, and possible Lincoln's sparrow (seen very briefly) in the community gardens; redstart and black-throated green warbler by the pond (where I also had blackpoll and palm yesterday); and 3 bobolink, both yellow and western palm, and at least 40-50 Savannah sparrows in the weedy tree plantation along the western edge of the corn field.
Full list will be on ebird later ...
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