[CT Birds] American White Pelican

Katherine Kuckens katkuckens at gmail.com
Mon Oct 10 18:04:20 EDT 2016

Pelican was still there at 5:15, north end of pond, near east end of gray
stone jetty.

I got there about 1:40 and stayed until just after 5:00.  When I arrived
the pelican was circling, soaring upwards, and about to vanish. Friendly
birders pointed it out to me and I got a glimpse. (Thanks guys!) Most of
that group of birders left.  Then, just about 30 minutes later, the pelican
returned!  It spent the afternoon in the water, preening, napping, and
floating around with the Canada geese.  Birders came and went, I was very
happy to meet some well-known names from this list.

Maybe the pelican will raft with the ducks and geese tonight and still be
there in the morning. If you go, avoid the dirt road with the gate and do
not enter signs.  Keep going and park on the grass alongside the lake.

Kat Kuckens

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