[CT Birds] Rare/scarce bird chases (10/10)

Jamie Meyers sunnyctredbird at gmail.com
Mon Oct 10 20:07:59 EDT 2016

No comments here today on the white goose from New Milford.  I tried for it
early this morning but was unable to locate the bird.  In fact, there were
only 8 Canadas in the field when I arrived around 7:20 AM or so.  They were
gone next time I checked about 20 minutes later.  A check of the nearby
river revealed as many hunters as birds.

More successful was a quick trip to Hammo for the golden-plover.  Around
noon, it was very near a picnic shelter in the southwest end of the field
across from the swan pond, with half a dozen Killdeer.  Assume it's
American but will look at my photos in a bit.

As noted in other posts, the pelican at Riverside Park was present much of
the day but left the pond for about 20 minutes or so around 1:45 PM.  t
headed south, perhaps towards the Charter Oak Landing area, where
presumably the same bird was reported a few days ago.  I got gripping
photos from a safe distance so as to spook the bird, and suggest that
others do the same.  There is no need to walk on the jetties or closely
approach this bird.  Anyway, what a fantastic bird for Hartford County!
I'm not aware of any previous records for the county.

I took today off work in hopes of chasing sparrows but the wind was
difficult and I didn't see much along those lines.  Other highlights
included a Winter Wren (FOS) at the East Hartford Nature Area off Long Hill
Road just north of the golf course and a Wilson's Snipe at Fisher Meadow
Recreation Area in Avon.

Basically one or two birds made an otherwise forgettable day in the field
quite successful.

Jamie Meyers
Canton, CT

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