[CT Birds] Grackles

Beverly Propen bpropen at gmail.com
Wed Oct 12 14:07:28 EDT 2016

​10/12  Orange backyard (s).  Since early this afternoon there has been a
huge flock of Grackles in my yard and my 2 neighbors yards. I scanned the
flock for any unusual birds in with them, but didn't notice anything. Boy
are they noisy!  I remember having a large flock around this time, last
year as well.  I assume they are migrating.
But it was interesting, because my mourning doves were not happy with the
grackles.  One mourning dove in particular, kept flashing its wings as it
walked around eating seeds.  It was surrounded by the grackles, and it
pecked at them if they got too close.  Then a grackle pecked back at
it.  Maybe it  felt like this is its territory and the grackles were
Just interesting observing the behaviors.
Bev Propen, Orange

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