[CT Birds] Myrtle Beach birds

Erica Soucy rickisoucy at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 14 17:32:05 EDT 2016

My husband and I have been down here in Myrtle Beach since Monday afternoon.  Due to hurricane Matthew, we were delayed by 2 days, which turned out fine, as my inlaws were without power til just before they picked us up at the airport.  

I figured to have awful birding down here, but it has been just the opposite.  Many birds rode out the storm in good condition.  Dennis and Mary are on a small pond, which is a treasure trove of local and migratory birds.  I've had great egrets, great blue herons, kingfishers, Carolina wrens, red bellied and hairy woodpeckers, great horned owls, eagles and gold finch for locals.  Palm warblers are migrating through by the dozens.  The only other migratory bird that out numbers the warblers are the turkey Vultures.  You can't look up and not see vultures.

The only thing not seen since before the hurricane is the ponds resident gator.  I was kinda hoping to see him/her.  Maybe next time.

Ricki Soucy 
In Myrtle Beach, SC. (Till tomorrow)

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