[CT Birds] Sherwood Highlights Again

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Sat Oct 22 13:17:54 EDT 2016

Sorry about that last incomplete post but that's what happens when you see a good bird land in front of you and your finger accidentally hits the send button!
Westport-Sherwood Island SP from the west end of the model airplane field - I've been Hawk watching since about 10:45.
So far I have had an almost steady stream of Tree Swallows(73), 5 Northern Harriers including an adult male,2 Sharp-Shinned Hawks,7 Cooper's Hawks,4 Bald Eagles(no adults),1 American Kestrel,6 Merlins, 6 American Pipits, and 1 Eastern Meadowlark, which was the bird that caused the oops moment. I suspect the Hawk watches are busy today.

Tina Green
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