[CT Birds] Lighthouse Point Park - Sunday - Nice Merlin Show

Steve Mayo and Rebecca Horowitz rsdmayo at sbcglobal.net
Sun Oct 23 18:55:47 EDT 2016

'Nice turnout today.  We had 182 diurnal raptors, including beautiful, close, in-the-Park looks at most.  The totals included 5 "Gray Ghosts" (male No Harriers), many adult "pink 'n gray" Sharpies and Coops, and a Merlin and Peregrine show of all ages and sexes.  The 36 Merlins put on a real show, especially in the am, as several worked diligently to keep the Park clear of any and all other creatures with wings.  Views were low, right off the deck, but fleeting; photographers had a challenge with the speed of all these raptors on gusty W winds.
'Not many other birds. The weather last night was a bit unsettled still, I guess.  Totals:  DC Corm 45, Gr Egret 9 (a single, tight flock heading due S), Brant 48, Can Goose 40, Am Bk Duck 5, Killdeer 7, Tern ssp 1, Laughing Gull 4, RB Gull 30, Herring Gull 180, GBB Gull 10, Mo Dove 15, RB Woodpecker 2, Downy Woodpecker 1, No Flicker 4, Ea Phoebe 4, RB Nut 1, No Mockingbird 2, Bl Jay 30, Am Crow 20, Tree Swallow 25, Titmouse 2, BC Chickadee 15, Am Robin 25, Am Pipit 9, YR Warbler 10, Palm Warbler 6, Sav Sparrow 4, RW Blackbird 20, BH Cowbird 80, Com Grackle 9, Ho Finch 50, Purple Finch 5.  Still a lot of Leps,:  Sulfurs 9+, Monarchs 5, Cabbage 4, Buckeye 1, Comma/Questionmark 1.  

Thanks to all the  eyes today including Paul Roberts, Don Morgan, Julian and Alex Hough, Howie Sternberg, Sol Satin, Jim Cortina, Ken Merrifield, Bob Lamotte, Roman Pawluk, Greg Hanisek and the Newington Adult Ed gang, Tina Green,  Len Dapolino, Carol and Richard Harrington, Ralph Amodei, et al.  And, Sandy the apathetic hawk-watch dog.  

If winds stay NW we might have a few hawks Monday as well, and even more on Tuesday.  

Steve Mayo

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