[CT Birds] Gos Joseph Cala

Ralph Amodei ramodei at att.net
Mon Oct 24 21:59:47 EDT 2016

Joe, I'll agree it is rare for the Goshawk to chase feeder birds and this is onlythe third time in 28 years this has happened that I have seen.The massive head and tail withthe heavy streaking no other accipter is that big. My Jan 2015 Gos was even better. The bird wasin the American Walnut tree next to the feeders  and was actually stalking a male Cardinal.It even landed on the snowless ground freezing the cardinal in this leafless privothead arrangementagain right next to the feeders. The cardinal escaped up and around the hawk while it was on the ground.I do not have expensive camera equipment, but if it should happen again I should be able to get a shotwith my little Nikon Coolpix. The feeders and arrangements are all outside my kitchen window.
Ralph Amodei, East Haven, CT

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