[CT Birds] LPP Friday Final

Dana Campbell dana.l.campbell at gmail.com
Sat Oct 29 13:22:33 EDT 2016

10/28 - New Haven - Lighthouse Point Park Hawkwatch - 148 migrating raptors
counted including: 16 Northern Hrriers (5 of them Grey Ghosts), 1 adult BE,
2 Northern Goshawks (!), 3 Red-tialed Hawks, 1 Red-shouldered Hawk, 86
Sharp-shinned Hawks, 10 Cooper's Hawks, 2 American Kestrels, 12 Merlins, 1
Peregrine Falcon and some unidentified birds.
smaller migrants included an Asylum of 12 Common Loons, 42 Canada Geese, 84
Red-winged Blackbirds, 3 American Pipits, 70 House Finches, 1030 Common
Grackles, 40 American Robins, 50 Brown-headed Cowbirds, 30 Purple Finches,
3 Eastern Bluebirds (heard only, so undoubtedly more), and 2 Common Ravens.
Many thanks to hawkwatchers Don Morgan, Sol Satin, Paul Roberts from
Boston(!), and Nick Bonomo as well as visitors Ed Haesche, Mike Marsano,
and photographer Johnny and friend.
It was a glorious day.

The Rev. Dana L. Campbell
Priest in Charge, Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Middletown CT
dana.l.campbell at gmail.com

πιστὸς δὲ ὁ θεός (1 Cor 10:13b)
God is faithful.

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