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Hi Nick, 
Long before I was a birder I was a hiker, and over the course  of many 
years I probably traveled just about every inch of trails on the Mt Riga  
Plateau. The top of Gridley Mt is for practical purposes not accessible, but  when 
I was hiking there was a relatively short trail from Mt Washington Rd  
(dirt) to the top of Bald Peak. I don't know if it's private or public, but at  
least back then it was open. 
There is a relatively short route to the top of Bear Mt,  although it does 
involve a steep climb, going south on the Appalachian Trail. If  you go up 
Mt Washington Rd to just short of the Mass border (fairly long ride on  a 
dirt road) There is a turn-off and parking area to the right. It is for the  
AMC's Northwest Camp. If you go to the cabin, then bear left (north) until you 
 hit a brook there is a trail that goes west until it hits the Appalachian 
Trail.  If you go right (south) on the trail it will take you directly to 
the top  of Bear, but be forewarned, it is a VERY steep and rough trail. 
(Nothing a young  guy like you can't handle, though). The actual distance that 
way is probably  only a couple of miles. 
Link below is to a Google Map of the area. Look  for Mt  Washington Rd, and 
if you blow it up enough it will show Northwest Camp and the  trail system 
between there and the top of Bear. You get to Mt Washington Rd via  Mt Riga 
Rd out of Salisbury.
If for some reason this link doesn't work, just Google Bear  Mountain, Ct.
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Hi all,

Is anyone aware of a lookout  that faces north/northwest among the
peaks in the Salisbury/Mt Riga area?  Ideally I'm looking for a place
that is a short hike and located in CT. Bald  Peak or Gridley Mountain
look like they would do, but it appears that both  are on private land?
Is this true? Bear Mtn would do, and is public, but is a  hike.


Nick Bonomo
Wallingford,  CT

Don Morgan
Coventry,  Ct

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