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Nick,I'll show my age.  My first trip to Mt Riga to watch hawks was in 1977.  I was there in October and present when Mike Redmond pointed out a bird far off and asked me if it looked like anything other than a crow.  It was a Raven.  According to Noble Proctor it was the first of 5 that weekend and the first recorded for CT at least in modern times.
Carol and I try to get up there once every fall during Broadwing time and sometimes get lucky and sometimes nothing but it's always a great spot to spend some time.  Here are Noble's directions from his book (25 Birding Areas in Connecticut" from 1978) to the spot I always go.  Sounds similar to Kathy's but parking is on the left and right and no signs.  The short walk is maybe 10 minutes uphill and you end up right on the AT.
"From Salisbury center turn onto Washinee St at the stone water trtrough.  Continue .7 miles and bear left at the fork and then bear right at the next fork.  At 1.2 becomes dirt. The parking spot is at 4.1 miles.  Short 100 yard walk to the right uphill to the top."
I took out his stops along the way.  From the top you have a 360 degree view which makes it fantastic for finding broadwings rising in morning thermals.  Noble also mentions the 100 plus Redtail days.  Beautiful spot!  Call me if you would like any further info.

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Hi all,

Is anyone aware of a lookout that faces north/northwest among the
peaks in the Salisbury/Mt Riga area? Ideally I'm looking for a place
that is a short hike and located in CT. Bald Peak or Gridley Mountain
look like they would do, but it appears that both are on private land?
Is this true? Bear Mtn would do, and is public, but is a hike.


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