[CT Birds] LHPP today, Tuesday 11-01-2016

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Tue Nov 1 16:27:35 EDT 2016

This morning at LHPP was not so good for the Hawks, but certainly was excellent for other species of birds.
>From 7:00 EDT until 11:30 EDT, there was a total of 4 Sharp-shinned Hawks. 1 Red-tail Hawk, 1 Red-shoulder Hawk, 2 Merlins and 2 Peregring Falcons...

However, to make up for that poor showing, I had the following:
110 Herring Gulls, again all moving toward the West along the coastline
100 Blue Jays
140 Robins
94 Eastern Bluebirds, of which the largest group was 35 together
225 Cedar Waxwings
4 Eastern Meadowlarks, all landing in the close tree by our table together
675 Red-wing Blackbirds
18,000 Common Grackles
320 House Finches

A few Pine Siskens, Purple Finches,  and 15 Black-capped Chickadees bouncing thru the trees made for an entertaining morning.

Bill Banks

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