[CT Birds] Lighthouse Point Park - Cattle Egret and so much more

Steve Mayo and Rebecca Horowitz rsdmayo at sbcglobal.net
Sun Nov 6 21:29:02 EST 2016

251 hawks including 2 close imm male NORTHERN GOSHAWKS (photos), 1 close imm GOLDEN EAGLE  (photos), and a distant Light phase ROUGH-LEGGED HAWK.  Refer to HawkCount for distribution.  14 total species!

Partial daily count included:  DC Corm 25, Com Loon 3, Loon sp, RT Loon 1, CATTLE EGRET 1 (Photo), Can Goose 154, Am Black Duck 8, Mallard 1, Gr Yellowlegs 1, Laughing Gull 1, RB Gull 37, Herring Gull 165+, Mo Dove 20, Rock Pig 15, Monk Parakeet 2, RB Woodpecker 5, Downy Wood 1, Hairy Wood 1, No Flick 2, Bl Jay 16. Am Crow 18, Fish Crow 3+, Com Raven 1, Tree Swallow 14, Tuft Tit 2, BC Chick 15, Ea Bluebird 104, Am Robin 117, Am Pipit 7, Ced Waxwing 166, YR Warbler 2, No Cardinal 2, Sav Sparrow 1, DE Junco 7, Snow Bunting 21, H Lark 18, BH Cowbird, 190, RW Blackbird 3280, RUSTY BLACKBIRD 1, Com Grackle 6840, Ho Finch 340, Purple Finch 29, Am Goldfinch 190 

Many unident acciptiers and buteos way high up to the northeast, even with a lot of 'scopes.  Thanks to Don Morgan, Ed Haesche, Frank Gallo, Howie Sternberg, Jeff Martin, Jim Cortina, Julian Hough, Ken Merrifield, Mark Danforth, Sol Satin, Tom Murray, Aiden Kiley, Jim Zipp, John Oshlick, Carol Zipp, Bob Lamotte, Johnny Rodriguez, Mike Marsano, Tom Murray, Nancy Meyer-Lustman, Eileen Becker-Dunn, John Oshlick, Tom Macon and others from Putney, Corey Ross, Steve and Peter Degenero, Judy Moore, et al..
Steve MayoBethany

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