[CT Birds] LHPP- 11-07- Grackles-Red-Tails -TV's plus

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Mon Nov 7 17:17:02 EST 2016

Today at Lightholuse Point - 11-07-2016, 9 dedicated birders fought the blue sky and no cloud situation to have a very good day.

First off for the Hawks...

Black Vultures... 3
Turkey Vultures... 83
Bald Eagles... 5
Northern Harrier... 5
Sharp-shins... 17
Cooper's... 22
Red-Shoulders... 19
Red-Tails... 137
Merlin... 1 in the park and eating a Chickadee at 6:30.. only one seen all day
Peregrine Falcon... 3
Unidentified Buteo... 6
Unidentified Raptor... 4
This adds up to 305 for the day...

The BIG SHOW for the morning was the incredible flight of COMMON GRACKLES..... At one point we had 3 diferent levels flying for a constant 15 minutes. Our estimate was a total of 197,000 birds. Without any clouds for the day, that number could be quite a bit higher... 
9 Purple Finches, 27 Eastern Bluebirds, 70 Cedar Waxwings, 54 American Crows, 105 Canadas Gese.

Three unexpected birds were 1 DICKCISSEL, 1 BLUE-HEADED VIREO, and down on the feeders, after Tina Green filled them, 1 BALTIMORE ORIOLE, which she took pictures of.

I would like to thank Tina Green, Paul Desjardin, Sol Satin, Tom Murray,Bill Batsford, Don Morgan, Steve Broker, Howie Sternberg. and Sara Zagorski for their help al day.

Bill Banks

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