[CT Birds] Simsbury Lark Sparrow: YES

Douglas Beach beachgolfdesign at att.net
Tue Nov 8 12:42:45 EST 2016

 I apologize for not being able to post this sooner.
The Lark Sparrow in Simsbury reappeared at 9:25 this morning.  Loosely associating with a flock of Bluebirds; moreclosely associating with a small flock of Juncos.  Very approachable (I was able to get within 35 feet); the bird was feeding ravenously on the trail.  Located just before (west of) the airport runway; where the fence on the south side of the trail makes a small jog to the south.
Also a White-crowned Sparrow which, I believe, was of the gambelii (western) race; yellowish bill and pale lores.
Both birds were photographed.
Doug BeachSimsbury

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